| January 18, 2018

Umrah Seminar - Dec 17 2017 2 PM by Dr. Maqbool Patel

Join Dr. Maqbool Patel and get prepared for a journey of a lifetime. Learn about the Fiqh of Umrah, Rites & Rituals, Prerequisites, as well as get your questions answered.

Under the open skies and in front of the Ka’bah. Refreshingly cold Zamzam water. The loud cries of Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk! What Umrah memories will you come back with?

As part of the trip, you will perform Umrah.  The virtues of Umrah are many. Not only did the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah SWT be upon him) specifically mention the virtues of Umrah, he encouraged us to perform Umrah.

If you have never performed Umrah: Don’t panic. You will be invited to our training seminar where we will go through the Umrah rites with you and give you practical advice. You will also be assigned to a scholar who will guide you through your Umrah.

If you have been to Umrah before: You will still be invited to the training seminar where you can refresh your memory. Take advantage of your assigned scholar to build upon your knowledge of Umrah and get more out of your Umrah.


Ibu Hurairah (RA) narrates that the Prophet(SAW) said, ‘An Umrah to another Umrah will be redemption of sins for whatever (minor) occurs between them.’ (Bukhari, Muslim).

Ibne Mas’ood (RA) said that the Prophet (SAW) said, ‘Follow up the Hajj and Umrah, because they certainly remove poverty and sins as fire separate the impurities from iron, gold and silver.’(Tirmidhi, Ibne Khuzaimah, Ibne Hibbaan)


Ibne Umar (R) narrates that Prophet (S) said, ‘The warrior in the cause of Allah, the pilgrim and the one who is performing Umrah are all the delegation of Allah. He called them and they responded and they will ask of His bestowals and He will give it to them.’ (Ibne Majah, Ibne Hibbaan)



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